SONY Walkman WM-D6 power problem...

Hey all...

technical question here.

I have a SONY Walkman (WM-D6) that does not power up at all. I've heard it is probably going to need a DC-DC coverter part that is no longer available from Sony...

I have another vintage 80's walkman, the SONY WM-1. Is the DC-DC coverter in the WM-1 the same used in the WM- D6???

I would be willing to sacrafice the WM-1 parts to get the D6 up and running...



2011-01-17 6:15 pm
Similar Problem.

I had the same issue and using a magifying light, found a cracked solder joint in the power circuit. So, I would do more troubleshooting before blaming the DC-DC converter. In my experience, those don't go bad often.

I've just pulled out my old Walkman WM-D6, and it acts "dead" as well. Its not clear to me how this thing even comes apart. Any tips or leads or where I might download the service manual, as I have not had much success (so far) finding it.


2011-12-11 4:53 pm
Don't want to hijack the thread but the power on my WM-D6C is fine...It plays. BUT it does not fast forward or rewind at all, pretty much since last serviced by Sony in 2006.

Any body got any good ideas on getting it fixed by a proper specialist at a modest cost?.

if it is still interesting (I just registered here):
Hi, I did not use my D6 for some time (year or two maybe) and now I see it does not want to rewind/fast forward tape. The problem is simple: idler (rubber is degraded) and the lever where this idler locates needs some oiling.