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Sony SCD-XB770 For Sale


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I've further revised the listing, and slightly reduced the price. The opening bid is not a whole lot higher than what I paid for the Tent Clock module I installed in my custom clock board.

The unit has some mods, and is greatly improved over the stock player, but as I said it is not great, and I don't know how great it could be with further mods. Still its cheap - might get it for much less than an OPPO 980 with some care.

At the minimum I would upgrade power supply caps and improve the digital supply bypassing as is done on many of the more expensive Sony SACD players.

This unit does not have S-TACT or the fancy rbcd digital filter, but the DSD stream can be tapped as in more expensive models and shoved through an LPF to get the analog output without going through another DAC.

I would consider a trade for something of reasonably equal value, up until the point that the unit gets a bid - so if anyone is interested just contact me directly.

The link to the eBay auction is in the previous message.