Sony scd-555es output transformer

I own a Sony scd-555es with an Allen Wrigth (sort of) mod. The signal is taken from IC 302 (I own 2 sacd's so the CD-tap will do) and is then filtered 3/order at 80khz. The filter circuit is then followed by an "Aikido" (6cg7+6cg7) in a separate chassie too replace the output stage. And this has worked wery nice for me with a Stevens and Billington TX102 passive preamp too follow. I have just recently finisched an active pre/phone-amp, also an "Aikido" and it seems too me that maybe the "cd-output stage" could be taken out of the signalpath all together. The plan so far is too move the filter into the cabinet of the player and then transform the balanced signal to "unbalanced" using a sufficient transformer.

My questions now are as follows.

Does the IC 302 (cdx-9521q) have the ability too drive 4 feet of cable into the TX-102/6n6p+6n30p aikido" with good results ?

Is there anyone that has tried something simular that can point me in the right direction about what transformers too use ?

Manual. Rom Service Manual/112000/thiscd/sm-e/ha/992954211.pdf