Sony HBD-E570 SPDIF output mod

I am working on a Mod to add a SPDIF output to my Blu-Ray "Surround Sound in a Box". This is to send digital audio across my Media Room to a headphone listening area in the back corner. The new SPDIF board replaces the Sony S-Air interface card and uses I2S signals meant for it, The exception being MCLK, which had to be tapped from the main board.

I am using a CS 8406 transmitter, and have it working except for one problem: I must reset the CS8406 numerous times after a power interruption in order to get it to send undistorted audio. I am using a Dallas DS1233A to automatically power on reset the chip. This is not enough, and I am having to manually reset it to lots of times get it to play right. Fortunately, it stays powered up as long as the reciever is plugged in, so I won't have to do that often.

Has anyone else had experience with this chip needing multiple resets? Maybe I am doing it wrong, so I would appreciate any help. I hate to hack a switch onto the front panel unless I have to.