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Here a question from the Netherlands :D

i have a Sony BDV-IT1000 with only a Digital Media Port connection. My audio collection stands on a Synology DS111 nas and the idea what i have is to connect my iPad with the Digital Media Port and connect with my iPad to my Synology.


Synology (iTunes) -> WiFi -> iPad -> BDV-IT1000

Now is the problem that there is no Digital Media Port connector for a iPad, only for a iPhone. Do someone know if there is a DMP -> Line in converter?

Sorry for my bad englisch....
You will not find much information out there. I looked into this a while back in order to hack (successfully) a DMPort device (TDM-NC1) to operate without a DMPort receiver.

You may find it is easier to just buy an iPod and DMPort iPod dock (or can the iPad connect to an iPod dock?), or buy the Sony TDM-NC1 media player (only if your NAS has a DLNA or UPnP server built in). Of even better, get the Bluetooth DMPort adapter TDM-BT1 and stream from the iPad directly to your receiver.

If you still want to try to hack your device, here is what I know:

DMPort (Digital Media Port) provides an analog, not digital, audio input and a serial communications channel for control and status to/from the connected device. This device could be many things, like a media player, an iPod dock, etc.

I have attached a file with the pinout of the DMPort connector on a DMPort host (Sony A/V receiver), as well as the pinout of the DMPort of a device (TDM-NC1 network media player). The device pinout has only 14 pins because not all 18 pins of the DMPort are used; just map the signal names (I deleted the pin numbers to help avoid confusion).

You will see a "DET" signal on both the host and the device. On the host, this line is pulled high with a 10k resistor (not shown). On the device, you can see that this line is shorted to ground. So when no device is connected, the Host sees HI on this pin, and after you connect a device, it sees LOW. This might be enough to get the host (your BDV-IT1000) to think a DMPort device is connected and allow you to activate the DMPort input. Then you just need to connect your line inputs to the L and R inputs, and go. On the other hand, the host may try to communicate with the device (using Rx and Tx lines) and that will fail, so it may not allow you switch to the DMPort input. Try it and let us know.


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Good Info - Any Updates?

I realize this is an older thread but the information provided was pretty decent. Before I go investing the time/money/energy into seeing if this was possible, I wanted to see if there was any updates to the feasibility of creating a custom adapter for the Sony DMP input on their latest Sony receivers.

If there are any updates relevant to this thread, please let me know.

Otherwise, thanks to Macboy for providing decent info for the masses to follow up on.

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Hi guy . New to here and find this post very interesting. Because I have one sony tdm bt1 dm port and my sony receiver is spoil. So I wanna ask if I want to modify this port to connect to my new av amp .what and how can I do this ? So I can connect my handphone to my amp via bluetooth. Thanks in advance !
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