Sony CDP-950 reading CD problem

I have Sony CDP-950 that dont want read cd anymore. I dont have heart to put in trash and I decide to repair it.
I change original KSS150a with new KSS-210a(china) and spindle motor but the problem remains.
The main thing is that when cd start spinning it is spinning only to the left. 20 second it spin in the left side and than stop with the message on display DISC#MEMO and nothing.
But why the cd spinning only in left side?
I check cables, main voltages, solder main IC but nothing changes.
Any advice what to look more?
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2007-09-15 8:14 am
He means have you made things worse by changing the motor and laser ;)

Have you measured ALL the supplies, not just on the power supply but at their destinations ? Sony often sprinkle a liberal supply of CP's (circuit protectors) into their designs. Make sure none have gone open circuit.