Sonos Connect PSU build

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Hello all

I am interested in upgrading my Sonos Connect with an external power supply and have come across the fidelityaudio psu upgrade for $650 / £500 which is highly regarded.

I have a level of DIY / electrical skill but want to ensure I am going about this the right way. I am planning on building my own power supply which must be dual voltage, stated as +13.6v and +3.3v by fidelityaudio, (so presumably the target voltages I need).

I have seen DC linear filtered power supplies etc on aliexpress such as this;
Lusya 3 stage Filtering 50W DC Linear Power Supply DC12V For Upgrade Audio Speaker Related Equipment NAS CAS PC HiFi T0066-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

Which would then need a transformer hooking up which I can source locally.

Could anyone give me a little guidance on how to proceed with my build in terms of achieving these odd voltages as all the kits I see have set voltages like 5 or 9v.

I am OK with the DIY kits although my preference would be the buy this is kit form and assemble it. I can handle modifying the connect easily enough.

Any thoughts / ideas are much appreciated...
It will be a 230v ac line supply as I am in UK.
I am not sure of the exact current required so I was going to aim for a 50w supply as this would be more than enough to supply its requirements given that it’s not an amp (I believe).
Unless there is a way of working this out / measuring it?
Sonos Connect has many components. Which one do You want to power ?
15V followed by two diodes in series=~13.6V or better use a regulator with adjustment.
3.3V is a standard microprocessor / phones voltage. There are standard regulators available.

I plan on removing the pay in the sonos connect so I will be powering all components in it.
Not this is not the Connect AMP. Just the connect, like the fidelity audio upgrade.
Have emailed Sonos who would not give an answer.
I am going to build a power supply that has the ability to feed over 1A so I don’t see this an issue unless you can tell me why it is? The sonos connect doesn’t have enough in it to use anywhere near that amount of power I believe.

I am looking at using these for the voltage regulators;
2-10A Gold seal linear high current regulated power supply board Low Noise High Stability A7-014
And sourcing some tordial transformers locally to match slightly above my required voltages.
Any advice / thoughts are much appreciated...

One concern I do have is that they are a high current voltage regulator, and does this mean that they won’t work well with low currents, like I believe my sonos connect to be?
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