Sonarworks. compared to dirac, trinnov...


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2009-01-18 7:42 pm
I have used the demo version a few times and I like what it does but I loose a lot of output volume that it is almost not worth it. And they sound becomes almost plastic fantastic. :) I am still not sure what I prefer, with or without. I am probably able to eq out the worst parts.
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2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Personally I'm pretty happy using OmniMic + miniDSP. I have pretty good control over the range of frequencies, the tilt, offset that I can select, or EQ manually. Uploads take seconds and I can hear the changes instantly. I'm only using miniDSP on my Center and sub channels though, since it's the low res (48kHz) version. My main speakers are exactly where I want them. :)



2012-02-07 5:01 pm
Hey guys, I'm one of the folks behind Sonarworks. The idea was to make an easy to use room correction plug-in which is usable by just about anyone. We're not looking to compete with trained acousticians and REW.

Try it out, I'm sure the effect will be pretty good. Even if it's more point-and-shoot like solution, compared to Dirac and Trinnov.