SOmething new to do ?

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Well i sold the stuff i had today. two partially built TL bass boxes and the tops for them with 4 wood drivers. I made like 200 bucks on the deal. Not a lot considering i have been pulling teeth for weeks trying to figure it out. Oh well they go to a good home and will be done probably by next Tuesday if this guy uses all that gear in his garage.

I lost faith and didnt think what i was doing ( Small TL with Stereo SUB ) would do it for me. Now i need to try something else. SO any suggestions on Big sound projects that are already tried and true ? I cant do that big wide single speakers in a baffle. I lost that fight :-(

I can build anything i want as long as its NOT a Quote " Big stupid hunk of wood sitting in the corners.. (and) " Why dont you just go get a couple of the panhandlers up the street. Put them in the corners holding your speakers in the air ? "

So as you can see Big Honking Open baffles are out. So Dave ? anyone ? got any ideas ? i still have 2 Planar tweets . Its a start :D again.
Big sound. Big clear sound with tight imaging and tight chest pounding bass that'll rattle the room with only 75 watts rms.
Even at ridiculesly low volume levels you can still feel the bass and hear all of the music.


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Ya i was thinking of something like that before and then got bitten by the OB bug THEN the TL bug... and then the Point Source open baffle bug. Thankfully my softer side with the loud shrill voice inocculated me from further Open Anything Flu's .

Do you still have your design and drawings and info on what speakers you used ??
Ten 5 1/4" Dayton Aluminums per side;
6 Dayton Planars per side;
Crossover was a 4th order Bessel at 2500 hz.
Box Qtc came out to be 0.59 sealed.

I started with passive radiators then 4 different ported designs and ended up sealing the back and going closed. That's before I learned about room gain, port noise and passive radiators also passing along midrange information out of phase with the fronts.

it's 56 inches tall, 11 inces wide and 14 inches deep with 4 baffles inside to break up standing waves and properly load the woofers and also add rigidity to the box. Sides are 1 " thick - Front, Back, Bottom and top are 1 1/2" thick. 1st ply MDF 2nd ply oak plywood.

The new arrays I'm starting to build will be with the new Dayton RS 7 inchers with B&G Neo PDR's. 10 of each per speaker and it'll be about 74 inches tall crossed over at 900 hz.

Why am I doing this if these sound so nice??? I'm going for overkill.
I've turned into a speaker nut!!!
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You need something that sounds big, doesn't look like a big box in the corner, and satisfies she who must be obeyed.

Only 1 way to attack this... a pr of killer subs designed to not look like a box speaker, and a set of dynamic sats (still got your Solen credit? -- some peerless 10s or 12s -- i'd get 4 and a pair of couple hundred watt plate amps)

How loud do you have to play? What will you be driving them with?

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