Someone explain the DAC's

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I have been reading up to my eye balls on DAC's in this forum. I am running out of my patients and my eyes are getting too bleary. I have learned there are different DAC designs based on DAC chips and NOS and OS etc.. But I do not know exact pros and cons of each DAC designs. I might take too long to understand all about DAC's.
I am using network attached hard drive/media server with Denon ASD-3n and Denon receiver AVR 998(?). I am planning to replace ASD-3n with something(...Netgear media player) that can utilize a new DAC(?).
I am eager to jump in and get my soldering irons dirty on a DAC kit or a design. But I do not know which one to choose. I do not want to make an entry level DAC to get the experience nor completely finished ones. I want to make the best DAC even if any blunder can be pricey. Someone please point me to right direction.
Well first this is do you want to ask is do you want usb or spidf. Then a NOS dac or a normal one or one with a asrc chip in it. After that you need to know you want a current out chip, or a voltage out chip. Then its time to ask what your output buffer will be, opamp or transformer. We also need to know price and size requirements.
Thank you for timely reply

I am planning to use Zen I/V stage, so I need I out chip. I am looking into Salas shunt reg or low noise chip regulators for PS's for separate stages on the DAC. I am planing to build preamp but I am open to incorporate volume & tone control on the DAC to completely by pass preamp because I do not use phono stage at all. Rest of options you mentioned are the area I need help with.

I am still reading to catch all jargons but my eyes are start to wondering away from long posts on this forum.
I have few digital sources-ie.. PS3(Toslink,HDMI(?)), DVD player(Toslink, Coax),Media Player( Toslink, Coax,HDMI, Fire Wire), Iphone(USB)- that I want to connect to a DAC. My ideal DIY DAC may need to have multi channel/ multi format input selector to choose between sources. I do not know pros and cons of NOS and Normal sampling nor ASRC functions.

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