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Some vintage Philips drivers and Motorola


I have here some vintage drivers I used mainly in my full range experiments.

1 pair of AD8082M4 8" full rangers (these were my favourites); I used them in a TQWT. There is some scarce info on them on the web. These are in a good condition given their age. No damage to membrane, wizzer, surrond look also good. The only thing which has somewhat deteriorated is the foam seal on the frame edge. £15 + shipping

1 pair of 5" full rangers; I think it is AD5018. These used to be in pristive condition, but I managed to damage one wizzer and one surrond (see photos). £8 + shipping

1 pair Motorola piezo's. Can add the small baffles seen in the pictures. £7 + shipping

1 pair Philips tweeters. Here I removed the strange protective grill which probably has not been there to improve the sound quality. I have similar baffles as Motorola's if anybody wants them. £4 + shipping.


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