Soldering TP2350B chip to the board on AMP2


How to do that if you don't have any special equipment?

This chip does heat up a lot, here are some ways that you can use to cool it better:

- Use heat conductive paste on the bottom of the chip
- Solder the chip slug to the PCB.
- Use a heat sink on top of the chip and also under the chip

In AMP2 pdf this is writen:

"A solder oven or similar must be used. Even a domestic electric oven can be used if no solder oven is available."

I would like to solder the heat slug using solder oven, but since I don't have it I could use electric oven. Have anyone done this already, give me some help before doing it this way, maybe use diffrent approach, anything will help...

I would use Sn60Pb40, 0.7mm with 2.2% flux solder material, that melts at 190C, that is ok right?


2004-11-23 3:19 pm

You would need to have "SOLDER PASTE" to be able to do it that way and at least "HOT PLATE" to heat all assemly together.

Solder paste is almost liquidish solder (little bit thicker than liquid) that has very smallballs of solder and flux mixed together.
Regular manufacturing companies are using solder paste for any SMT PCB production.
You do not need to have oven if you have HOT PLATE.
You insert some of the solder paste on pads for component on PCB,set your component on top of that and then you heat it up to melting temperature,Wash your board -and that is it.That is how we produce our engineering(proto) SMT RF boards using some of power (up to 20W) UHF/Microwave transistors that are attached directly on PCB.