Software for drawing graphs..

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Thanks guys, that's a lot to look at.
I basically wanted to draw a graph with either a formula or data table and also be able to configure the X and Y axis as I wished ( lin, log etc). I also wanted to be able to choose the style of the lines on the plot and colours and also background colour.
I'll check them out.
tschrama said:
Excel is for housewives ;)

Very wealthy housewives -- in the early 1980's I wrote a program using Excel macros which was able to price a peculiar type of bond very, very quickly -- later, in the mid-1990's I wrote another program which quickly and acurately evaluated the prices of securities of companies in bankruptcy --

and now I use Mountain Computing cards to dump data into Excel.

how I wish that we had this tool when I was an undergrad -- there would have been more time for beer.
Igor from Wavemetrics is very good and is to engineering and scientific graphing the way Quark is to desktop publishing (though not nearly as well known). It is fully programmable for cranking out a lot of similiar graphs but also has an interactive GUI for creating one-off's. A neat feature of Igor is that you can quickly create your first graph with its interactive GUI, like you would in many other programs, and then reuse your GUI work in subsequent graphs. Igor automatically generates a script program to recreate the graph when you save it. You can then use and modify this code to create similar graphs or graph other data with little extra effort.

If you want to create your own GUI, Igor lets you do that as well. Its scripting language and libraries are powerful enough to create some fairly impressive interactive programs. You could, if you wanted, create a nice one for designing active filters without much work.

Check out Igor if you have to do any kind of serious graphing. I was glad to have found it while I was working on my thesis.
ashok said:
Apart from Excel , what other software is available for making up graphs with the facility to make up one own scales and can plot several curves on one chart ?
I'll guess you are not using Macintosh but if you do ProFit is very nice and it's a mystery why Microsoft can't incorporate a plain x-y chart??

Prfit is very good in drawing logarithmic charts.
An example here and here
Hi Peranders,
Yes I do use a PC. I prefer a Mac ! But due to a lot of reasons I'm stuck to the PC and the OS it uses.
Those graphs look nice. I hope the pc software can do similar things , easily.
I downloaded some software from suggestions seen on this thread. I haven't had the time to try them out.
When I check them out I'll post the results.
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