So how long/often do you listen to your system?

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instead of listening loud i equalize the loudness curve

i keep the response flat from about 500hz to 5khz then i boost it by about 3db towards 16khz and i boost it by 20 decibels or so towards 30hz

the key is to avoid peaks at any bass frequencies and calibrate response by ear using test tone generator.

if you do it right you will have powerful satisfying sound without any ringing in the ears

naturally this approach has its own problems ... actually im not sure if it would help any of you because when bass is equalized this way it goes right through sheetrock walls ... but at least within the same room it can be satisfying without being offensively loud
Varies greatly, can be between 5 and 9 hours at a stretch but it isn't often I get that much uninterrupted time.

Fell off a lot as I have the music system in the sitting room, where the TV is and my computer in my bedroom - I didn't want a PC whirring away in the sitting room.

The irony is that the PC is silent but my kids tend to evict me from the sitting room so they can watch the telly.

And the telly has now become a pivotal point.

Other than the fact that I bought a laptop so I could sit in the sitting room, listen to the HiFi and plottrar on the computer, the telly died - or at least was killed to death by one of my grandchildren.

So today I bought a 50" LG plasma and a HD DVD, so I can watch and listen to my Mylene Farmer and Loreena McKennit music DVDs, and the Ting Ting one if and when it arrives from Japan.

They wanted to sell me a 7.1 Home Theatre noisemaking kit and didn't understand the concept of putting it through a decent amp and leaving it as 2.0 stereo.
A lot...I sleep with mine on with the music from my sound server/computer/life set on random (its kinda like listening to the radio but without commercials and listening to the same set of songs on loop). I also use my system for gaming if that counts for about an hour a day.
How much time I listen also depends on what you classifiy as music...My parents and sister don't think bands like Primus and such are music...
My GFP-565 DH220 (or LM4702 LatFET) and KEF system runs from about 7 in the morning to 8 at night (when the XYL gets home from the research lab). Mostly vinyl, WBGO, WNYC or WQXR -- the vinyl keeps me sane as I am forced to walk away from the bench when the record is at an end. WBGO is very easy to listen to during the day, or if I am commuting into NYC.

I have one Linn system on our little library -- since I acquired a TX9500 tuner I listen to this in the evening when I catch up on the papers. I also have a laptop in the library to see what's going on on various papers, or to check the upcoming programs on TCM !

...and then at the end of the day, Laura Ingraham is on WABC(delayed) I get my fill of talk-radio.
Not very often at all, maybe an hour every few days.


-need better sound card
-need better amp
-need better speakers
-need more FLAC music!

In the state my system is in right now, it's only slightly better than your run-of-the-mill "mini system". Can't listen to it for long until my ears start to bleed. Most of that can be attributed to MP3 compression. Finding lossless audio is not easy (if you know any good source by all means send me a message!) and buying dozens or even hundreds of CDs is out of the question, I don't have thousands to spend on that, not to mention there's a lot of stuff you can't even find at the music store.

I'm in the process of building a better amp (2x UCD400). So that'll be one step forward. After that comes the sound card, and then speakers a year or two down the road.
I listen to my system every day, at least an hour per day. Until the wife comes home from work and wants it down or off. :D

I turn it way up when its just me ... to a point about ~3 to 6 db down from clipping.

JDDco: " ... My kids tell me that the music from the 70's is better ..."

My wife tells me that the kids at her job all tell her that the (redone) music from the '70's and late '60's is what they buy and listen to as well.

I buy nothing but DVD's [video and audio] of the old folks from the '60's, etc. = electric blues,R & B, R & R ... [ "... the audio resolution of a DVD-Audio disc can be substantially higher than a standard red book CD audio." ] :hot:
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