Snoring when awake!


2005-03-10 11:57 pm
Perhaps you are unaware that you have fallen asleep, even momentarily.

I think it can be called narcolepsy

(Of course, you are leaving yourself open to a lot of comment from some quarters!
eg some women like to talk after, even if it is only to say goodnight.)
I have done it on occasion, usualy being very tired, and just drifting off in semi sleep... does not feel like I'm sleeping, but lights are pretty much out... most embarasing, I was watcing a late night movie with some friends, and suddenly thought the sound was comming from one of the guys... so I told him to stop... at which point I found out it was me...
Nico, That's embarrassing.

Try taking the new helmet off and maybe you will breathe easier and notice more when the lights go out.

I can't imagine what to even do about it! There are "Sleep Disorder" specialists.

Sometimes after work, I used to pass out on the train. I can only imagine what I did to the other passengers! But at least I was asleep! (like that makes it better) LOL