SMPS for Zen/First Watt amps?


2002-05-08 2:31 pm

Regarding: SMPS600RS from Connex.
For the ease of use, I wonder if I can use this SMPS for Zen v9 or F3 clone? It’s a single supply and adjustable to 46 volt. As an inexperienced DIY’er, this SMPS solution would help me a lot if it’s an acceptable way to go.

Next question: If so, do I have to use one SMPS600RS pr. channel?

Here is the specifications for SMPS:

Zen V9 and F3 already include Cap Mx , check the circuit diagrams.
That means high freq. switching noise is reduced to practically non-existant.
Plus an additional soft start feature.

CLC or CRC filters will not work with every SMPS, some will become unstable and shut down.
Now RCRC might be a better proposition.
The CapMx as in Zen V9 / F3 is a better option IMHO.