SMPS for Mixing Console


2008-02-02 9:04 am
Hello everybody,

i am the proud owner of an old and faithful Behringer MX8000 mixing console. Unfortunately there's one thing that bothered me since ever: the very heavy power supply burning lots of energy in linear regulators and large heat sinks.

Therefore I'd like to build a SMPS for the mixing console. The following voltages are needed:

+/- 18V 3.5A -- Opamp Supply
48 V 450mA -- Phantom Supply
5V 3A -- LED Drives etc.
12V 1.5A -- Desk Lamps etc.

All of them sum up to about 180 watts. The original power supply draws about 400 watts, so 220 watts are wasted in heat.

Do you think modifying a computer power supply would be possible? Or is it necessary to use a flyback mode power supply?

I thought about modifying the PC PSU to output +/- 18V and to generate the other voltages using sperate step-up and step-down converters.