SMPS 800W for audio applications +/-62Vcc

The power source is a full-bridge power converter based on a ETD49 core 3C90.
The pulse modulator control circuit is provided by SG3525 and NCP5181 power mosfet drivers without power factor correction.
Switching frequency - 55 kHz on trafo.
The SMPS also features an over-current protection which limits the output current in case of temporary overload.
When the overload condition occurs for a longer time, the supply will enter hiccup mode until the overload disappears.
The protection is set at 8 Amps.
The voltage drops from 124Vcc to 113Vcc in a full load.
Aux voltage +/-20Vcc unregulated.
Large capacitors low ESR from Nichicon are used in the secondary stage.
This feature combined with large primary electrolytic buffer capacitors leads to the capability of delivering high dynamic headroom power to the connected amplifier.
The sound will never been the same again.
I am very satisfied with this achievement.

Mircea Crisan.


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