Smooth OpAmp output stage.


2007-05-30 2:08 pm

I'd like to change my output opamp in my Cd Player.
At moment there are two NE5532. The sound is a bit harsh in the highs.

Which is the most musical and very sweet opamp?
I'm looking for a tube sound.

I've just read that OPA2134, AD8066 and LM4562...

Wich is the best?

Regards, Enzo.
Hi Enzo,

I am a relative beginner at DIY so I don't have much experience with this. I have been doing research on my CDP Analog output. I changed the 5534s for OPA627BPs and I am quite pleased. They are warmer (more tubelike). But you would have to use BrownDog adapters with four 627s. Also the DC Coupling caps and other components around the op amps may need to be changed to more ideal values. Then the Output Caps too might just make this real sweet.

However, that being said, nobody is going to make any recommendations without knowing which CD Player it is and you attaching the schematic of the complete output stage. Also post a picture of the PCB of that output stage too for the best advice on how to handle the best components and mounting issues.

Good luck, there are a lot of guys who can really help you make the analog stage come to life and maybe offer a few other improvement ideas. Some like, P/S clean ups and DAC decoupling caps and reclocking and muting transistors to muting relays and etc....... It goes on forever. Do your research!