Smaller Performance Series AMT's and custom speakers

I have a set of ESS PS5a speakers and a set of PS8a's, and have a couple more of the tweeters that are the same.

For straight stereo, I have a set of ML Quests, and am putting an HT system together, which I want to use all AMT type tweeters in.

My brother has a set of Norman Labs 632's that I picked out for him in the mid-late 80's that I wish that I had gotten myself - no subwoofer needed - 3 10" woofers, a midrange and a tweeter in what looks like solid oak cabinets.

I am thinking of trying to build speakers that can match the bass of the NL's, with great midrange and the exceptional highs of the small AMT's that I gave enjoyed since 1980.

I am fairly new to speaker building (full range - lots of Subwoofers), and know that I will need to have a very fast mid range driver to match the AMT's, along with some good 10" drivers (3) - just to match him for size/speaker impressiveness.

I am thinking of 2md orde4r crossovers that are staggered a bit, but am at a loss on driver choices and where to learn about xover design.

Any suggestions?