small speaker?


2001-10-19 4:53 am
How about being more specific?

How small?
How efficient?

The smaller the box the less efficient the speaker, unless you go with horn loaded designs.

It may not be possible to meet all your criteria: good, small, efficient, and cheap. Where can you compromise? What do you define as 'good'? Why is efficiency such a big issue?


2001-11-04 5:54 am
thank you again timc the audax site has some good possibilities. now I just need to do some pricing.
as for size timc is right on the money 5.5-6" drivers and a two-way design. I may consider horns but dont they need to be big and I know very little abought them(not that i know much more abought more convetional speakers). I am planing to power them with a zen amplifier this is why they need to be efficient. the whole system needs to be somewhat portable hence my desire to keep it small.