Small Portable Speakers and a T-Amp


2006-11-24 10:46 pm
I'm interested in putting together a portable audio system for giving presentations that involve audio/video (DVD clips, etc.). Yes, the audio needs to sound good. :)

Currently I use off-the-shelf powered PC speakers, but I need to improve the sound quality. I also want to keep the size as small as possible. I'd be traveling with this setup.

I haven't been able to find a good off-the-shelf system, so I'm considering buying a Gen2 Sonic Impact T-Amp and a set of small speakers. Any suggestions on the speakers?

I've heard the JBL Control 1x speakers with another amp (not a T-Amp) and I was impressed with how they sound. I would pull the trigger on those, but they're just a bit too big at 9"x6"x5". Is there anything else out there I should be looking at which is smaller?

Thank you,