Small desk fm radio to output into a small desk amp

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I recently bought the smsl sa60 and a couple of second hand bookshelf speakers and use my phone as an audio input. This is currently on my desk at work to listen to music when I'm on a night shift and no one else is there.

The next thing I want to add to this is a small fm radio that I can use as an audio input into the sa60. I would prefer a small radio that looks like the sa60 but can't find anything that fits the description.

So I came to the conclusion that I would build a fm radio and buy a metal in closure for it to be housed in. Can anyone give me pointers in that direction?

I would like to have an LCD to display the volume and frequently as well as a 3.5mm headphone Jack as the output.
I've used pocket radios for FM reception since the early 80's. the ones using the unisonic utcta2003 IC and similar had much better sensitivity and fidelity than anything before or after. My sony 2003 pocket radio which is digitally synthesized has *****y sensitivity.
Besides the GE pocket radio I bought new about 90, i found another in the trash 2006 with a *****y cassette deck, an oversized walkman wannabe by luxor. Battery had made a mess and the volume pot was missing one channel, fixed the latter with a fixed resistor since the preamp can set the volume.
Of course these headset radios can't be enclosed in a metal box, since they don't have antennas. Think a plastic box with shiny paint.
Building a FM radio diy, except with some digital IC PO* IC like the Sony, is a non-starter IMHO. Just aligning the inductors is a PI**. These old unisonic IC radios used some sort of crystal as a detector or antenna or something.
If a headset radio is unavailable since things this cheap go in the trash usually, old receivers are about $10 at charity resale shops. usually with a bad set of e-caps and volume pots. My sony tape deck had bad e-caps down to 1 uf (mf in the old days) hundreds of them, so the rot goes pretty far but the replacements are about $.09 each. Like mowing the lawn, replacing e-caps is. I'm currently listening to a 197? Reader's digest 6 band radio on FM with about 50 new e-caps. No realignment was required, sensitivity and selectivity came right back with new e-caps.
BTW the 84? GE pocket radio is waiting a new untrasmall shafted stereo log volume pot, not stocked anywhere I've looked so far. If I find some the guy that wants to build a pocket 6 channel mike mixer needs six.
Have fun.
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