Small AMP for Car Computer Help :)


2008-01-27 1:36 am
I need a car audio amp for 4 speakers. I would like to have a somewhat small one. Can you post some links to ones for sale built or not built. I would like to find one built for a good price. The input for this amp will be feed from a computer sound card. I have a car computer setup that is why I want a small sized amp. Also I would like to have a Potentiometer that I can mount in the car remotely to control the volume of the amp this is acutally something I can do after I have the amp etheir way.


DC Power
Stereo input / more
4x100w output

Good price

What I have found


Class T MC 4x100-m

If you're looking for a physically small amplifier that's actually capable of its advertised power then, a solution that's both small and good is a tripath module like what you mention with Class T MC 4x100-m or similar. Tripath is actually a very durable and strong variety of Class-D amps, which are here:

At the power output requirements you've quoted, here's a chipamp (your current location is the chipamp forum) with the potential to reach that point (if used in paralled mode): There's also the Thompson amplifiers, which are quite aggressive and frequently used in cars (and Bose).

However, at those power output levels into car speakers (4 ohms?), each heatsink (per channel) will be as large as one of the tripath products you've quoted. I mean to say that 4x 100 watts of chip amps is going to be four times larger size than a tripath.