Slone's project sourcebook Q's


Here's the newbie with the "simple" series of questions...

Randy Slone has a L-MOSFET design (fig. 6.21) in his project sourcebook. The PCB pattern is included, and the schematic has all of the component values listed, but there is no "stand-alone" parts list.

Does he cover this in one of his other books? Does anyone have a list of part #s from the kit which is no longer offered? Does anybody sell the kit now?

I confess, the wattage calcs are probably within my abilities, but it will take me a month or more with my schedule. As I WILL have errors, there could very well be expensive smoke involved. I have no experience with spice simulation - where can I "obtain" the appropriate software?

If it was a reactor, I'd have it down in a week. Proof that nuclear power is not rocket science. Like electronics though, it is not terribly forgiving of mistakes. Please tell me if I'm being a big :bawling:



2005-05-04 7:09 am
yeah, ledeaudio is the only one now selling mr. slone amp.
before the there is one guy from canada also selling the
kit, but i dont know what happened because its not listed anymore as a distributor.
here is some more info

i build one of his amp and its nice. sound great.
i think i have some pics. of it. if u are interested.
but i have to dig into my photo files hehehe.
keep in touch

sam9 & dce,

Thank you both, this is exactly what I was looking for. Oh, and dce, if you should find those pictures, I would be interested in taking a look.

I am not familiar with the totem amp. Is this covered in Slone's high power amp construction book? How does it compare to the opti-MOS?

Thanks again,

Totem is new. Not in any of the books. The phase "totem pole" is a generic term for a particular arrangement of output devices. I think the Leach "double barrel" amp is probably an example. It is a way of limiting the Vce seen by individual devices, thus letting you use higher voltage rails than would otherwise be possible.

It least I think that is what the name implies in Slone's case.