slew rate adjustment...

Hi, I am a complete newbie. I have what i think is a very simple question. I have honestly spent the last 3 days :eek: searching thru this forum and cannot get a clear cut answer. maybe there isnt one...

but here goes

i would like to change opamps in a box i have.

the original opamps slew rate is 13 and 8 respectively
the opamps i want to switch over to rate is 20.

is it absolutely necessary to change capacitors to adjust for the new rate?

since i am new to this, I would like to avoid unnecesary steps.

thanx in advance for any help!
This is sort of like asking:
I need new tires for my automobile the ones I have now are rated at 100 MPH, I would like ones rated at 120 MPH, what should I get?

Op-amps have many parameters, slew-rate is just one.
Some parameters:
Supply voltage
Supply current
Pin out
Frequency range
Input impedance
Output impedance/load

And the list goes on.
Actually I think you won't come far just by changing opamps without knowing what properties are needed in a specific position.

I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but I would recommend to reengineer the box first, draw a schematic and try to understand how things work. You are of course highly welcome to post the schematic here and discuss it with others which may help you to understand it.

I'm sure you get then far better suggestions to improve it than now, with the added bonus that you learnt something interesting.

All the best, Hannes