SK-85 question on replacing the leather

Hello -

my neighbor was "throwing out these speakers and I could not accept that. Little research and come to find out the surround is leather and dry rot has done it's time.

Looking for recommendations to preserve efficiency for use with my 8 watt tube amp.

And would anyone recommend a cabinet volume for these coaxial speakers? I would assume non-vented based on their date of manufacture in the 60's???

Thanks for the help!


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Well, you can use chamois cloth to fabricate new ones: Antique Radio Forums • View topic - chamois speaker surround

Or replace them with either accordion cloth or foam surrounds.

I currently don't have to my tech library, but IIRC this is basically a mid-range driver, so will need a woofer.

What is its EIA code? I'm thinking it may be Jensen made, so is there a number that starts out 220?

Anyway, seems like these were just mounted in a ~6 ft^3 floor standing cab with a woofer with no sealed isolation back box.

In short, some vintage drivers aren't worth saving unless they are still OK.