Six channel volume control?

Check out, 6 channel potentiometer for EUR 39,90.

No, I don't have any experience on this company or the potentiometer, I'm just an avid web surfer ;)


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2002-03-12 7:46 am
SORRY fcel,
I forgot to mention that even though it reads 2 and 3 ganged pots and shows pictures of 2 and 3 ganged pots they are really 4 ganged pots. I have call and talked to Brigar and confrimed this I have two 50K motorized 4 ganged pots in front of me.
You mean you've called and was told that they do have 4 gang pot in addition to the ones that are shown on the web site? I hope they have 10K & 5K.
I've read the description of the those pots on the web site and it clearly did not said it's 4 gang. Regardless, I think I'll order some because they are so cheap. Thanks for the info.