SinusLive SL-A1500 no audio output


2016-01-17 2:57 pm
Hi guys

I have 1 amplifier Sinus Live SL-A1500 Rev.E (red plate) with red light protection, which was 2 units p60nf06 broken power supply. 1 unit IRF640 also had broken out.
They are already replaced, and have the blue light, but no audio output.

Does anyone happened to her?

Greetings and thanks
Check opto couplers placed on the right and left sides in the amplification stage .

Usually they are used to electrically isolate the output stage from the driver board in order to protect it from damage caused by short circuits that can affect the amplification stage . In fact, in this type of amp is very rare that driver board was being damaged .

Opto couplers typically used are labeled " 6N137 " .

let us know
Another important test that you can do:
Check the rail voltages +/-67v connecting the black probe on the negative speaker output terminal And the Red probe on central legs of the double rectification diode, so, with negative probe connected on negative output terminal, test also the regulated output voltages as 5v, - 5v, 12 and - 12v.
So write here....
You can do this tests without a scope....
Dont worry, this is a very simple amp...