single so8 to dual dip opamp adapter available from BrownDog

Looks nice! Where does one get those single pins? Do they fit into machined turned hole sockets?

I use DIP8 pin to solder adaptors where the pins look thinner and more pointed. It is very easy to handle but with the plastic connecting the 8 pins, there is an extra 3 mm path to the PCB.


puppyslugg said:
The BrownDog adaptors are terrific! Works as advertised.

Recently swapped out the 5532's in my CD player with AD8610's/adaptors. The adaptors made the job a breeze!

Thanks, morsel.

The AD 8610s are even better if you current load them.

On a separate point, does anyone know if there are coupling problems between channels if one current loads dual opamps ?
Hee hee! :rolleyes:

I designed the BrownDog opamp adapter as a community service, but I do not make any money from them, nor do I sell them.

Get them directly from BrownDog:

Order the version with pins unless you know you don't want pins. The pre-installed press fit pins are quite good and save you the trouble of installing your own pins. They are $2.39 each with a minimum order of 5, or $1.59 each without pins. Quantity discounts are available.

BrownDog has a secure page for online ordering. Orders are filled quickly and shipped all over the world via priority mail, UPS, or FedEx.
Phopson, about the low drop out regulator, that is rather specialized. Altering the supply voltage for the opamp would require a much bigger adapter. I know you love the AD8610. You can try lowering the power rails that supply the opamp from 15V to 12V, the rest of the player might still work fine at the lower voltage. I think that would be the easier approach.

Alternatively, you could use the AD825 or AD823 if you want better high end detail than the AD8512 you are using. Don't hold your breath over the new FastFET AD8065, it probably won't be as good as the AD8610. Still, it will be interesting to check out.