Simpler Zen Variation 2?

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Hi all

I¡¯m proud of the sound thru Zen V2 (+32V dc supply) whenever I listen to a nice system of Mark Levinson, Wadia and Tannoy.

Nevertheless, to pursuit the most by making Zen V2 simpler, I¡¯m considering what to do. For example, I removed R3 and use variations of R2 between 1.5K and 4.7K. Now, I¡¯m about to remove R13 and 14. Nelson Pass articles imply that those are to measure ac currents. Do you have the answer? Is removal of the R13 and 14 acceptable technically? Yes, no, yes, maybe?

By the way, I use cylindrical coaxial cables (bi-wiring) between Zen V2 and Ariel speaker as shown in the attachment. Could I share your experience on DIY cables between Zen V2 and your speaker?


PS. I might be talking senseless as I¡¯m not an electrician.


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Understood. Many thanks, Mr Nelson Pass. Your information on the free choice of R2 clears fog.
I will keep Zen V2.

Zen and Zen V2 have the same DNA. Right? I however prefer Zen V2, which distinctively controls bass more tightly otherwise is the almost same as Zen. I easily see it when I listen to Bob Dylan's "Love and Theft."

If I introduce my process of trial and error with DIY-amplifiers, it is like this:
200W AB........100W........60W........Zen and Zen V2. Now, I might fix a dot after the Zen V2.

Please help me. I often use a passive attenuator between music sources and Zen V2. Regarding this, DACT recommends in their web site that the passive attenuator is better with low value but minimum 10K. This is my concern. I use a 3.2K attenuator, luckily without realising any problem. For Zen V2, actually what to be recommended mimum and maximum values? Anyone knows?

Best Regards

PS. The above diagram about magnet field is from the book: R T Weidner, PHYSICS revised version, Allyn and Bacon, Inc. 1985.
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?...... ahA. 10K is nothing but one of working sizes.
?...... oK. I presume that 3.2K to 25K will work fine.
?...... Yes, the interconnect line to be as short as possible.
?...... I mean the line from the attenuator to Zen V2.

?...... Is there any thread only for the family of Zen?

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Very welcome! ZV4 is now in the world. Self-explanatory is that it cleans up the upper frequency waves at the output, comparing to Zen V2. That is, it sounds like a sonic improvement. I might build ZV4. I will however reserve it until I get to feel that my Zen V2 spoils my ears.

Anyhow, I have a confidence that both V4 and Zen V2 will exist together in our community.

Is this (ZV4) still considered a single gain stage circuit? Mr Nelson Pass tossed up this question to us. I answer, No, even if the input buffer might be of zero gain. To the outer appearance, ZV4 has two stages in the signal path.

I understand that the input buffer is a minimal addition, but I feel that it could brush off the spirit of Zen. Is the input buffer is so essential to dilute the sprit of Zen? Who will answer this?

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