simple question


i have a question:
Who designs the cases (and the other stuff) for passlabs?
X - series looks pretty cool for me (the Threshold design was cool too).
But using massive metal is not allways good design for me ( see Chord).

What does people here call »good design«?
Some examples please.


Chord is produceing a great protuct`s. But try to compare the weight of let say Alephs and Chord` amps. Using masive heatsinks and toroids, required for normal operation of Pass design`s you are forced to use massive metal. You can not put the Aleph in the gentle line design of Chord or let say Audio Analog.. Function define the design. And by all means I think that tha Pass design`s beside, Krell and perhaps Levinson are the among the best in audio industry.

rgds Marijan
marjan said:

Chord is produceing a great protuct`s.

Sure, nothing against Chord, but i dont like the design. To much metal with no funktion (its difficult to say in english what is wrong for me). But look:

The X-series design is simple but good, it has understatement (and what is in the case is good too). Like the most Apple products, they have a very clear design. Look at the ipod, its the best styled Mp3 player i know.