simple high power amp?

Hello everyone,

I've got about a dozen pair of MJ15011/MJ15012's burning a hole in my bench. I'm thinking big. Maybe just a giant monoblock. :D

I've got an amplifier here salvaged from a dead car-amp. (probably about 100W per chan? as a guess.)
I was wondering if I could maybe hack the output circuit on the car-amp a bit,and drive the parallel MJ150** outputs with it?

Or,another wacky idea I just had,was to use a chip-amp bridged/BTL,then you'd have two antiphase signals,and probably plenty of drive for the outputs.(maybe even too much,depending on the chip?)
I'm not too sure of the biasing with something like that though.
Or,maybe it could just run class B?
As long as the sound quality is reasonable,thats fine..I doubt it's going to be used for Hi-Fi type stuff. Maybe subwoofer duty.. so a little distortion,etc isn't a major concern.

I'm just thinking of something that would be simple,and easy to build up/repair,etc.

The power supply is gonna be a challenge,thats for sure..Humm.
I've got some hefty aluminum I-beam chunks I can drill for heatsinks.Maybe butt them together,and make a tunnel,with a fan at each end?
Ah,Getting ahead of myself..

Does anyone know of any schematics I could use as a guide,or to get ideas from?
Any ideas of your own? I'm open to suggestions
Lemme know what you think,I need some ideas and guidance from your collective wisdom! :scratch: