Silicone sealant to mount LCD on its original metal frame.

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jgr, looks like we both have the same problem at the same time. I was a little disappointed that the metal frame on the 150MP doesn't have a stamped hollow to hold the panel and keep it centered. Silicone is not a bad idea, I think; to be on the safe side, I'd use some of the high-temp RTV stuff. Not only won't sag under warmth, but also seems to be a lot stiffer when it's cured.

I don't know if I'll go with that solution, though. I keep visualizing the lcd pulling off the frame and then loosely banging around inside as it falls. I'm thinking about squishing a piece of epoxy putty at each of the corners where the screw holes are, with a little piece of plastic wrap to keep it from sticking. Then drill a hole and sand the top; should make decent brackets. Then I want to bend those two side tabs out flat, drill holes in those, and use 'em to mount the LCD against side braces inside my projector. Maybe add a bead of silicone around the whole thing, just in case....
You can try the stuff you have, some of the sealants (as opposed to bathroom caulk) can be pretty sticky and durable. I would say try it, and if the sealant won't work, the LCD should wobble and you should be able to peel away all the sealant and try something else.
The stuff I bought does say on the back:

Not for use on surfaces that exceed 205C (400 F), so it seems like it has the same temperature ratings as high-temp rtv, but I don't know about the strength. I'll send you the pics of my mountfor the lcd tomorrow. I haven't finished mounting it but I have the frame and control board surface already put together.
Final verdict on the silicone sealant: that'll In fact, don't use any kind of glue or tape or similar substance on the LCD. I should have remembered this from back in my model-building days, but if a substance needs to be cleaned up with mineral spirits, don't get it near any plastic you want to keep. Didn't remember until too late, that the coatings on an LCD, especially the back side, are related to plastic.

Fortunately the damage is minor, close to the edges and just a little dulling that doesn't really show through the projection. But the sealant didn't even work well enough, so that was a big waste of time.

Purely mechanical LCD mounts, boys.
I got a little on the surface of the LCD on the back. Whatever coating is there got dull as if it was being melted. To be honest the stuff I had on hand wasn't technically silicone, it was Liquid Nails clear sealant. The ingredients are full of -zenes and -ethlys and polymers. It actually comes off OK with rubbing alcohol, but in a second mistake I tried acetone first, which made the affected area worse.

Anyway, it's not showing up....didn't strip away the polarizer or something.
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