Sickly Sub - 104DS15000 board


2020-01-04 6:27 pm
My Mordaunt Short Sub (MS309D) ceased working some time ago. Symptoms are white noise and no response to the audio input. The speaker seems to work and generates sound OK.

I have very basic electronic capability and the problems looks to me to be with the Digital Amp board (I think that is what it is) labelled 104DS15000

The two 10uF caps seem to have blown and in the process I think they've taken out another component I don't recognise, possibly a "toroidal thingy". :) It's difficult to see much in there but I've bent out the afflicted components and can't see any more visible damage.

Now I'm happy to have a pop at replacing these (I guess these are cheap pretty cheap components) but I'm wondering:
1. If there is potentially more damage or another root cause problem?
2. How do I identify the toroidal thingy? :)
3. If better components can be used?
4. If I will run into any surprises when I try to disassemble? (e.g. detaching from the heat sink).

Opinions and thoughts much appreciated! :)


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