Should I Sell the Cute little class A diy monoblocks?


2020-01-17 6:57 pm
I thought I was so clever buying a used pair of Pass diy monoblocks
while my Cary was in for service. 7 wpc of class A from monoblocks was
an irresistible temptation at $350. + $75 to have a qualified tech
look for correct assembly, upgrade the resistors and the power supply
to 24 volts from a better company. So all in at $425.

The sound was so good thru my of Tannoy FSMs that I read up on the Pass
Amp line and bought an XA 25. So the little buggers cost me another
$2K-cost of xa25 less Cary proceeds.

I loaned the monos to buddy who immendiately has someone who wants to buy them.

Not sure why I should keep them other than female vocals sound pretty amazing at low volumes and they are cute as bug's ear.



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