Should I add a crossover frequency capacitor for the mid- base driver on a 2-8" woofer tower speaker?

Project- I have upgraded the crossover in a set of Pinnacle Classic Gold Tower Speakers (approx. 2010 ) with 2-8” 6ohm woofers and a 1” 6ohm metal dome tweeter (Vifa). The crossover I built as a 3-way with 150 Hz -1st order to bass woofer, 3200Hz -2nd order between the mid-base woofer and tweeter. This is completed, installed and will not be changing except for the following 'tweek".

Should I filter out the Looking for opinions on pros / cons of adding a 1st order crossover capacitor of 470uF or 330 uF or 200uf to achieve an approx. cross overs point of 60 / 80 / or 100 Hz respectively to the mid-base woofer.

I appreciate your insights, Thanks,


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Implementing a 1st order crossover is...inherently problematic. The natural frequency and phase response of all drivers is 2nd order high pass, and a real mess in the upper range with cone break-up. Unless you can find drivers that are truly flat at least two octaves above and below their respective roll-off points, you will not achieve a 1st order response. That being said, you've covered the high pass for the mid, what about the low pass for the woofer? That has to be considered too, it's all part of an interactive system.

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Its called 2,5 way. Two woofers are working together up to 150Hz, than bottom one is gradually cut off.
The box is bass-reflex and it seems like woofers are sharing the same box volume. If you cut one of them at 60-100Hz, than bass-reflex won't work properly.
So answer to your question is no.

Also, such crossover point overlaps with second impedance peak of the woofer(s) which is around 70Hz. Simple cap in series won't give proper 1st order slope. You'll have to add impedance compensation circuit.
Thank you for taking the time! I understand now and since the two woofers and the vented enclosure system work together up to 150 hz then the bottom woofer fades away leaving the mid-base woofer and tweeter to handle the rest. I will put a bow on this upgrade project and enjoy the music!