diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
AndrewT said:
I sent to further Emails as tests to your 2 addresses.
I gather they have still not arrived.
Please destroy my redundant cheque & confirm by Email.
I will try a reply on that to test again.

Ah sorry Andrew, misunderstood you there.

I've just looked through my emails at [email protected] and still nothing recieved in my inbox BUT I noticed that there was a couple of item in the junkmail, checked and low and behold there was your 'testing your email'!

Seems that hotmail has an overzealous protection system, I've not actually set it to block you email address, I think it just takes a look at the subject lines and domain names of email servers and decides how to deal with it. I guess for some reason it doesn't like yours.
I had a similar problem recently and wasn't receiving email from Rod Elliot of ESP which could have been caused by this, he was sending email but I wasn't getting them. In the end I just phoned him all the way over in Australia!

Apart from these two instances, I haven't had problems before or at least that I know of ;) I've now lowered 'enhanced' to 'low', I guess the 'high' is like a Nazi on steroids.

Oh and you have mail.