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Sharp QA-2500 Projection panel! going ebay soon.


im new to these forums and was gong ahead to build my own diy projector, i went to a car boot sale and bought a cheap 15" lcd screen and also while i was looking around found a qa-2500, the guy was sorta old and got it from his son, he told me i could have it for a tenna so i got it for £10.

It come with just the projection panel, no case, no wires or manual. But tried it on my variable laptop charger and did display a picture.
im making my diy version so dont need this.

Im asking $300

or will go on ebay for at least $400, but hate those selling fees :(

any offers will be consideredalso have a infocus powerview 950, both panels are 1024x768 resolution, but i beleive the infocus has less colors, so im asking $100 for that.

Please pm me for any queries.