Sharp QA-1150 - experts please help!


2005-07-11 1:40 am
I have Sharp QA-1150, and i bought a power supply 12v 3 amp, it work fine, but then i have problem with display...

1- I connect the panel with the DVD player by (video in) and it work fine for more than 2 hours, without any problem.

2- then i connect my PC by (video in) and it work fine then after 1min the display moving down and down (sliding down) none stop!!!

3- i change the resolution to 640x480 60Hz, but its still sliding diplay!!!

4- !!!!! I return it back to the DVD player, and it is still sliding!!!

5- I thought its an input problem, then i connect the VGA in but its the same problem, sliding display down & down.....

* any body can help me with this problem, is there any adjesment built on the boards or some thing, and what is the phase option used to, i search all the forums in the WORLD but there is no answer!:confused:

i use the pc power supply for 12v, cause i thought it is from the power supply i used, but still sliding!!

i switched off every thing only the panel, and its still sliding :confused:

any body can tell me if there are any solutions ,, Thank you.:bawling:
Maybe its over heating (im a noob lol) also on old crt monitors i know there was a adjustment for that.... i have a lcd from a laptop that has 2 pots to adjust (dont know what they are for) buy you could take the readings of them and fiddel with them (dont get hurt). i hope i helped, im still a noob on this stuff lol.