Shallow Speaker Array for Miata Convertible?


2013-04-01 1:12 am

I'm retrofitting a 2000 Miata to include a rear "wall of sound" to fill-out what is otherwise a very "thin sound" from the front speakers when the top is down.

My idea is to take the wind blocker from a special Mazda that was equipped with a windblocker (that sits directly behind the seats) that included two bose 2.5" speakers. I've removed these speakers and plan to replace with something like the 2" Madisound Whispers... but then I started thinking... would it make any sense to equip this windblocker with MORE speakers? Again, the idea is to fill out the sound.

See pics below and let me know your thoughts and if you have any specific recommendations for drivers I should consider.





[IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD] is your friend

If you're not already on it, check out the audio forum there. Lots of ideas for audio in the Miata. Check out my threads (tlarwa). I had what I considered to be audiophile quality sound, or as close as I could imagine in that little space. I even built a footwell sub that really helped and was effective. There's a lot of other system ideas there too, from people no doubt better at car audio than myself.