SF304A TO247 Dual diode cross

Hate to do it to you again (Thanks DUG and ENZO) ;-) I think a 2N3906 will suffice for my last request.
I am now in desperate need of a Rectron SF304A three lead common anode dual supply rectifier in a TO247 case. It crosses to an International Rectifier 20F2R15 and I am at a loss for a replacement also.
Heres the data:



Oh, then does it HAVE to be a dual diode in a TO247 then? How about a pair of TO220 single diodes? Mount them side by side - only takes slightly more room. Are you building or replacing?

Or get one of those square 30-35A bridge rectifiers and just use half of it. Bolt it to the chassis or the heat sink as needed. Even if this is a replacement of existing part, you can still mount a bridge on the chassis and run three wires back to the board.