Setting up Multiple Portable Speakers: Positioning Suggestions

Hello to the DIY community!!!
Not sure if this is the best place to post; admin feel free to move it to where appropriate.
I picked up a DBX driverack 481(University surplus, $200!!!!:D:D:D:2c::2c::rofl::rofl::cheers::sly:) and finally got it to communicate with the ancient (just over system requirements) DELL laptop from the 90's (gift from the glassblower) that is serving as the dedicated control unit for my rig. Today I purchased euroblock connectors and balanced 1/4" plugs to build cables for connections to the amps.
I have some questions on ideal positioning of speakers. I want many opinions on this as I am a newbie/hobbyist and will be adding more and more speakers as I rebuild/refurbish them. My first project will be to set up 4 subwoofers and 2 sets of mains. This is the equipment: subs 4x Yamaha SW118IV, 2x JBL SF25, and 2x JBL SR4722( one 4722 and one 4722A). the JBL speakers have dispersion patterns of 90x50 degrees(SF25) and 100x100 degrees(4722's).
What I would like to know are any recommendations about the physical positioning of the units. This system will most probably be tested outside. My idea is that the subs will all be flush in a row and the JBLs in some configuration on top. How to best configure for maximum coherence?
Any and all suggestions are welcome!