Service manual for Aleph 30

Dennis Hui

Paid Member
2002-08-27 7:19 pm
Toronto, Canada
Hi there,

Does anybody know where I can download the Aleph30
service manual? All the references I've found pointed
to the Volksamp site, which is no longer operational.
I also couldn't find it on the

Many thanks,

P.S. I'm a newbie who's lurked around for a little
while and have been amazed at the amount of information
available here. Hope to build an Aleph 3/30 in the future.
Building the Aleph 60

I've looked at the schematics of the Aleph 60 and it's quite similar to the Aleph 2. I am planning to build the Aleph 60 as the 60W is quite sufficient for me with lower heat dissipation. I would be grateful if someone could help me with the following:-

a) I noticed there are two resistors R1 and R8 in the A60 which
is not in the Aleph 2 and the values of these were not given.
Are they necessary?

b) The output of the mosfets are connected to the speakers thru
6 pcs of paralleled 3 watts 1R resistors giving a final
resistance of about 0.17R. Could I just use a non-inductive
resistor of say 0.15R in a 20W TO220 package by Vishay,
meggit, Mills etc?

c) For C17 in the balanced input, could I use a film and foil cap of
say 20uf to 40uf instead of an E cap of 220uf? Would this
affect the bass response?