serious problem w/ ghosting on sharp QA1650

I am really annoyed by my sharp qa1650 now. I has it for about a month now but only recently i noticed there seem to be a Picture ghost (same picture but shifted slighty to a side, making the picture look blurry). It has the same affect as if a projection tv have it color out of alignment. At first, i assume this only happen when i use the video input connector because when i use an s-video connector between the pc and the panel, the picture look really sharp. Not a single picture ghosting at all. So i bought a connector converter which convert a video input connector to a s-video connector. To my disappointment, the ghosting still exist when I use that converter. I tried to use it with my Xbox, vcr, pc, and dvd, they all have this blurry affect.

I really couldn't figure what could be the problem. I'm guessing it probably got something to do with the video signal. Does anyone have this experience before? Any suggestion?
Quote from Diylabs Page
When your enclosure is finished, you will probably have made your mirror and LCD dirty. Many people complain about a ghost image after completing the projector, which is generally believed to be a problem with rear-surface mirrors, but I disagree. Typically, you can eliminate ghosting by simply cleaning your LCD panel inside and out. The ghosting may come from internal reflections off of the glass of your LCD projection panel. Also make sure that you keep your mirror and projection lens very clean for the same reasons (clean the projection lens only with lens cloth and cleaner like you get at a Lens Crafters store).