Separate Cases for BoSoz?

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Is it adviseable to build two cases for the Bosoz, Power supply and Bosoz circuit in there own cases.

Do i have definitely an advatage in sound? Other wise i save that Money and work.

Is anyone out there, who has definitely tried this an can tell me something about that.

Many people speak about and write things about the advatages of seperate cases. I can`t believe that until somone has tried this.


If the transformer is introducing noises when close to your low level circuitry then separate boxes is a great idea.
I know I did it. The only problem with it is to find some nice connectors to mate the supply box to the pre-amp box.
Specifically for the BOSOZ it may be possible to just use some gold plated XLR connector, something high quality like Neutrik stuff. This could easily carry your +- and ground DC.
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After bad experiences with noise from the power supply (transformer) in my SOZ I decided do better in my next project and put the Balanced Zen Line Stage power supply into a seperate case. I use 3-pin XLRs to connect the two components.

I never compared the single box vs. the seperate PS approach but I can say that my Balanced Zen Line Stage is dead quiet. If you want to play safe go for the seperate case.
Go for one box. If properly design you shouldn't have problems. Try to position transformer as far as you can from the circuit, if possible put it in subinclosure. Place the preamp circuit close to input/output jacks to avoid long wire runs and if you need source switching use relays. Install volume control close to the cicuit and use extension shaft to the front plate.
I have build preamps both using one box and two boxes, but really didn't see much of a difference. I would say that shorter cables from PS when using one box are very important as well. Transformers don't introduce much hum. Improper ground arrangements do.
You can always add separate PS if you not gonna like the results.


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you are taking the more dangerous avenue and yours is definitely NOT the first advice I would take. Noises are usually a convoluted mix of grounds and transformer noises. Transformer noise depends on a lot of factors: transformer type, size, and built. In general, sub-enclosure don't work all that well and are as much if not more work than going to double box. Remember that to prevent transformer noises nothing works better than distance. The magnetic fields drop off as a function of r^3.
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