"Semi" paralleling Class D?

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Hi, please do not jump on me if the question is dumb, I'm new to what I try to achieve:

-I have the B&W 801M S2 loudspeakers and want to triamp them with an active crossover.
-The midrange and the tweeter share their negative lead even with the passive crossover removed.
-I could change that if absolutely necessary but would rather not as it involves emptying the loudspeakers to run an other cable up to the tweeter (might be a problem with the medium+tweeter assembly plug as well, do not remember if it is 3 or 4 pins..).

-So the question is: if I leave it that way and triamp, obviously no problem on the woofer side, but could the fact that the two amps in charge with tweeter and medium share the same "return" negative lead lead to problems?
-If I use Class D monoblocks, (nuforce 9v2) would that be an agravating factor? (if I remember well its negative is not at ground but plus 24v, and well it is behaving in a peculiar way electricaly..)

Thanks in advance!
Doesn't sound like a good idea . There will be a voltage differential between the two amps negative outputs because of the different mid/high signals. It could possibly damage the amps. Not worth the risk IMO.

If you really want to avoid rewiring the speakers you need to use single ended modules.
Thanks for the input, ok seems like either I rewire or I drop the idea of using my Nuforce and try it with some nice Class A single ended... I do have very nice Sphinx power amps lying around here (Sphinx project 12 and poject 18), I think these are Class AB and probably not single ended... not sure.. could somebody knowledgable check the circuit topology? -> Project 12 Amplifier Diagram - Sphinx Project Twelve Service Manual [Page 16]
Ok, thanks a lot for checking!
Then I'll use the sphinx for midrange and tweeter.
Project 18 for mid, Project 12 for high.
Should be ok I hope electricaly speaking....?
And for now will throw in a nuforce for the woofer.
I expect that I'll have plenty of work to do on the crossover settings before it makes sense to go on on further refinements like amp matching.. ;-)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.