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A question for those that sell the odd PCB, or kit or two...

I've been selling a number of my Jung / Didden / ALW reg boards in the UK, and have had a number of enquiries, many via this forum, from overseas customers.

I can sort out the payment options, but shipping gets more complicated. It seems some countries (US, South Africa etc.) do not accept international registered post, which means I cannot ise the cost effective postal service to provide insured, tracked deliveries.

Since I'd not be happy to sell items I'd taken money for, but which have un-insured delivery the only options seem to be couriers. The cost though becomes a significant proportion of a small delivery, making it uneconomic in my view.

Anyone else have any ideas for economic shipping methods that are safe secure.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Hi Andy,

I have shipped about fifteen packages outside of the US via our postal service with no losses and no tracking information.

I figured that it would cost me more to get everything insured etc... than just send out the exceptional "lost package".

By the way, I would like to buy some of your regulators...

Best Regards,


Thanks for the reply.

Since the customer would cover cost of shipping, the price is not really the issue - if parcels did get lost, I'd be liable, hence the desire for insurance.

The only other option is to ship at customers risk, with agreement in writing, but I'm not sure whether I'd agree with that if I was the buyer.

Maybe I'm a little too cautious ;)

What does anyone else think, it looks as if a complete kit of parts for one of my reg's would be in the order of 40-50 USD - is that a lot of money to you guys, or an acceptable risk if lost?

It's so difficult to judge VFM when culture and exchange rates are involved!

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Re: Dale


Sending mail registered for England to the US i can almost understand, but not insured*.

I send stuff insured all around the world from Canada. There are a few countries i can't ship insured to and small packets go unisnsured. I do state in all my quotes that if the buyer chooses uninsured post that i am not liable for that -- it isn't much of an issue thou. In some 6-8,000 packages sent in the last 2 years we have had less than 10 lost packages. And some of those were insured.

* now you should be able to ship post insured to Canada, and if you want we could probably arrange a 2-point transfer to the US, but i suspect it might not be cost effective for circuit boards.

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