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Sell thf-51s 2SK182ES NEW NOS to-79 SIT v-fet, from Japan TOKIN

About to enter China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, a total of 8 days of rest

October 1st--October 8th is the vacation time. I will return to my hometown with my family, so during this period, no packages can be sent
Friends who need a triode can contact us by email, 28th-30th, and two days of work time. Therefore, those who need it urgently, can place an order now. I can send the package now, and before October 1, the postage is still free. Ok
Today postman gave me a small box from Pras. Very well packed the box contains:

2 matched pairs THF51 (used), each pair in antistatic zipbag and
1 bag with silicone pad, insulating washers, nuts and bolts (and some extra). Everything needed. I forgot to ask for this, and Pras kindly put it anyway, free.

Thank you very much Pras, wonderful service. I'm a happy customer :).

And these THF51s are BIG. :eek: :D . What should I do with them?


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STOCK: C8188 C8187 Crown Gold Sealed Transistor TO-3 BUZ905D BUZ900D BUZ900 BUZ905 2sk76 2SJ26 2SK60 2SJ18 Budweiser tube 70473180 70483180 70484200 70474200 D8274-9 MOT ON ........
LM350K LM338K LM150K NSC OPA111BM BB 2SK182ES 2SK180 THF-51N MJ21193 MJ21194 MJ21195 2SK1058 2SJ162 2SK1530 2SJ201 2N5566 2SB206 2SB205 2SB555 2SD600 MJ15025 MJ15024 MJ15023 MJ11016 MJ11015 MJ11032 MJ11033 2SK1522 2SA1943 2SC5200 2SB555 2SC1195 2SD424 2SB554 2SC1116 2SA747 2SA745 2SA908 2SA909 2SD166 2SD188 2SD180 2SC1871A BUX48A BUX98A 2SC2246 2SD297 2SC1431A ...... TO-92 TO-247 TO-3 TO-220 TO-3P SOP DIP CDIP SMD
Various models are complete, you need to contact email: 378632242@qq.com
I have good news for everyone

I want to move to a new house and have a new house

Another happy thing, I found out that I was pregnant
My little girl, now 7 years old
I have given birth to two girls, the habit on our side

Every family should give birth to a boy. These years, have been very busy working and taking care of the lives of two girls (so don’t want to give birth so quickly)
I have not been pregnant in 7 years

These days i found out i was pregnant
This is a big family, very happy

Therefore, to celebrate these two things, friends who buy transistors can enjoy free shipping

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I just finished development of SissySIT iteration, where any range of SIT Ugs can be used, so even those with Ugs of more than -3V7 can be used without problems

Also, finished development of amplifier using one regular mosfet and one fat big Germanium transistor in output stage

I'll publish both on Forum soon .......