Seek info on Spectrum 208's components..

I bought these in 1985 and have always liked them. I took them apart today because I have spent way too much time on this site lately:)

The cabinets are chipboard, BR design, two way (kinda cheap, but nice walnut veneer). Internal dimensions are 13 1/16 W x 24 1/4 H x 8 7/16 D. 3" rear port about 4" long, lower half of cabinet. The woofer is mounted above the tweeter.


7 1/4 woofer, cloth dust cap, foam surrounds, paper cone. The only markings are: 117085 on the magnet and either B13-003 or 813-003 on the cone.

1 3/4 cone tweeter. No markings anywhere.

The crossover I just found out uses a metallized polyester capacitor, which I also just found out is not the best.

Not the highest quality speakers, I guess, but the drivers sound okay, and I was wondering if anyone could shed more light on them to help me decide what to do with them.

Here are some photos, the woofers first.



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The crossover. Sorry about the focus.

The capacitor is an Eletrocube 4.0 +/- 20% 400V. And like I said, it metallized polyester.

The resistor has 2 (omega) 10% 5W printed on it.

It also has a 0.75A, 250v fuse connected from one end of the capacitor to the negative speaker terminal.

Thanks for any extra info or advice about what to do with this stuff.


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2013-11-11 1:00 am
spectrum loudspeaker

The smaller brother to this model is the bookshelf 108a model. It got good reviews. same drive units. My friends and I had the 108's also. They sounded great with all kinds of music... the woofer was run direct, and the tweeter 12db/oct/ but very smooth. They were a really smart design for the money. They outperformed alot of other speakers i had.